Our Commitments

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UN Global Compact

Participating in the initiative of the UN Global Compact, Manorama is committed to integrating and promoting several principles relating to Human rights, Environment, international labor standards and the fight against discrimination.

We are the part for shaping a sustainable future.


Today, there is an ever-urgent need and growing global concern that commodities should be produced without causing harm to the environment or society.

It is essential that natural assets are nurtured while fostering economic growth. We aim to build a supply chain that delivers more efficient land use and forest protection with a focus on smallholders and women to support improvements in their productivity and incomes.

Manorama Group is committed to implementing practices that will lead us to a more sustainable world. It has always been a part of the group's culture to create economic value, contribute to a healthy ecosystem and build strong communities.

Our responsible Tree Borne Butter program is a journey and, as we learn more about the challenges and complexities, we shall continue to evolve and drive sustainability throughout our supply chain so that we make the greatest progress as fast as possible. We are committed to procure raw material directly from the Indian tribal people (forest dwellers) for Indian origin raw material and for Palm primarily from RSPO complaint companies and organizations who do not support deforestation, employment of forced labour and child labour and use of fire for land clearance.

As part of our commitment to being transparent on our progress and requirements, we have set out what our focus and intended actions will be during 2018 and beyond.

Inclusive growth

* Transforming the industry relies on many partners. Our inclination is to do the right thing, even when it is difficult.

* We intend to build a traceable and transparent tree borne butter seed supply chain firmly committed to:

   * No deforestation of high conservation value (HCV) lands or high carbon stock (HCS) areas.

   * No exploitation of rights of indigenous peoples and local communities.

   * No development on peat.

We will work to ensure that sal seed and products that we trade or process are in line with these commitments. We will advocate, collaborate and seek the support of suppliers, customers, governments, nongovernmental organizations and other stakeholders to implement this policy so that we can improve the economic and social well-being of local community for a better tomorrow.