Palm Oil Sourcing Policy

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Manorama Group is committed to high standards in responsible and sustainable palm oil sourcing. We are committed to source 100% traceable and responsible palm oil to achieve visibility into the sources of palm oil products within our supply chain. And below are our following principles:

Our Principles:

  • Forest & Biodiversity Preservation
  • Protection of Peatlands
  • No Exploitation
  • Legal Compliance
  • Traceability
  • Transparency

Forest & Biodiversity Preservation

* Protection of High Carbon Stock (HCS) forest

* Protection of High Conservation Value (HCV) areas

* No burning in the preparation of new plantings and re-plantings

* Progressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions on existing plantations

Protection of Peatlands

* Protection of peat areas, regardless of depth

* Application of RSPO best management practices for peat on existing plantations

* Work with experts and stakeholders to explore options for peat restoration where feasible

No Exploitation

* Respect the rights of all workers and ILO Fundamental Convention

* Respect the rights of local people and indigenous communities to give or withhold their Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) for the development of lands they own legally, communally or by custom

* Promote equality between men and women in sustainable production of palm oil including gender equity in access to resources, inputs, training and decision-making rights in rural areas

* Responsible development of new land areas, which does not result in land grabbing


* Encourage suppliers and their third parties to be transparent about their supply chains

* Disclose to Manorama if any complaints made

* Disclose to Manorama if any new plantings

* Report to Manorama if any breaches of the Responsible Sourcing Policy


* Manorama strive for a traceability system which ensures that the raw materials are clearly traceable from the mill, to the fresh fruit bunch level.

Legal Compliance

* Compliance with national laws and regulations