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Exotic products and specialty fats

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Company Profile

The Manorama Group has a history of over many years which started off with extracting butter and fats from Sal seed and Mango kernel and gradually forayed into exotic products and specialty fats. Today, the company is seen as one of the top global players in food and cosmetic industries and maintains good relationship of 4 decades with Fortune 500 companies all over the world in cosmetic, chocolate and confectionery industries.

Manorama has several firsts to its credit. It is the first such Forest Products Company that has built a huge geographic network to source raw materials. This keeps the company immune to supply-demand disparities and seasonal shortfalls. The Group is also one of the first to implement various quality processes and leverage the latest technology for R&D and production. Manorama is managed by a team of committed professionals and with corporate management systems.

Our Credo

We always focus on customer satisfaction and uncompromising integrity. We deliver products and services that are of immense value and high quality. We leave no stone unturned in meeting customers’ expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction. We are quick and responsive while addressing our customers' needs.

We are committed to procuring and supplying healthy and hygienic confectionary ingredients which are manufactured in a controlled and hygienic production system that matches International Quality Standards.

We distinguish ourselves through our business policies, strategies, commitments, value and support to our customers and suppliers.

We honor our responsibilities to the nation by following socially sustainable and ecologically sustainable models of business.

The last point in our credo,
merits elaboration:

Since last 2 decades, Manorama has been involving thousands of tribals, marginalized communities, and farmers in the process of collecting raw material for its business. This helps provide a stable livelihood to them and helps in their upliftment. The company also runs several welfare initiatives for the tribals in these districts.

Further, Manorama follows environmental friendly methods of raw material procurement, processing, and production. No pesticides are used on the crops and no chemical fertilizers are used for the soil. The seeds and fruits are naturally handpicked from the trees or collected from the forest floor. No chemicals are added during the collection, and tasks like kernel preparation is done by traditional burning and rubbing process without the use of any external procedures.