Animal Feed Ingredients

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Animal's & Livestock require proper nutrition for maintaining good health and better milk yield. We supply cattle feed ingredients as a good nutrient supplement to cattle's for promoting growth and preventing diseases. Our cattle feed ingredients are extensively used in Cattle Farms, Poultry Farms and Animal Feed Manufacturing units.

The ingredients include sal seed doc, mango kernel doc, kokum seed doc, mowrah seed doc, rice bran doc, shea nut doc and other many more. De-Oiled Cakes are considered as the best cattle feed ingredients as it has high nutritional content such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fibre etc.

Proper usages of these cattle feed ingredients helps in maintaining cattle's health and promotes high yield of milk that is rich in fat and protein. These ingredients also help in physical development of Livestock's. These ingredients are prepared under hygiene conditions hence they are safe to use. We offer these cattle feed ingredients to our customers at reasonable price.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products and their uses.


Sal Seed DOC

Sal Seed Extraction extracted from Sal Seed. The protein contents of Sal seed extractions is 9%- 12%, but it has good levels of Lysine and Methioninein its essential amino acid profile.

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Mango Kernel DOC

The extractions from Mango kernel are available as low cost cattle and poultry feed material. Having over 70% starch content and being free from any anti-nutritional factors, the meal is a valuable source of metabolisable energy

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Kokum Seed DOC

The Kokum seed contains about 38 - 45% oil, which is commercially known as "Kokum butter". After extraction of Oil from seed we get De-Oil Cake, which is used as animal feed.

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