Bakery Application

Bakery Fats and Butters

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Manorama produce non-trans fats and butters for bakery products with their texture and taste by imparting tenderness, richness and flakiness. These bakery fats and butters which are able to release flavor slowly and impart a creamy sensation, have been developed for various applications, including cake and bread, pastry, short pastry and puff pastry.

Manorama has a wide range of bakery fats that can easily satisfy the stringent requirements of modern bakers. Our range is based on current market trends such as natural products and sustainability. The physical properties most sought after are good dough plasticity, improved batter aeration, workability, and improved resistance to staling in bread. This leads to improved taste properties and shelf life of the end products.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products and their uses.