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Salseed Extractions

Sal Seed Extraction extracted from Sal Seed. The protein contents of Salseed extractions is 9%-10%, but it has good levels of Lysine and Methioninein its essential amino acid profile. Salseed Extraction is grouped amongst starchyfeeds as its Carbohydrate content is about 70% and thatcontributes to the feed energy.

Salseed extractions can be beneficially used to decreasethe ruminal degradation of other proteins in the compound feed in order to increase their biological values for ruminants and is preferred for use in cow feed. The extractions are low cost material and are abundantly available.

It is generally used as liverstock feed ingredient for dairy cattle and poultry in India to prepare formulated feeds.

Mango Kernel Extractions

The fat extracted from the Mango kernel is highly valued in the preparation of Cocoa butter substitute. The extractions from Mango kernel are available as low cost cattle and poultry feed material.

Having over 70% starch content and being free from any anti-nutritional factors, the meal is a valuable source of metabolisable energy, well suited for cattle feed. Its protein content is low but that is rich in Lysine and Methlonine. In India, it is widely used in formulated cattle and poultry feed.

Use as Cattle/Poultry/Fish Feed
Used to a limited extension in mixed feeds. Good source of energy to cattle and poultry; deoiled meal upto 10% in compound feeds for pultry and pigs and tannin-free cake upto 30%.

Sal Seed Extraction and Mango Seed Extraction in comparison with Rice Bran Extraction

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