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Cocoa Butter Improver

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Cocoa Butter Improver (CBI)

Cocoa Butter Improver is a fat improver for chocolate applications. This product is specially formulated from Indian Exotic fats in order to resemble cocoa butter in both physical and chemical properties. It shows compatibility with cocoa butter and shares a similar crystallization and melt profile. Cocoa Butter Improver can be used to provide cost reduction as a replacement for cocoa butter at any ratio, with added heat resistance and melting characteristics.

Although cocoa butter (CB) is an ideal fat for use in chocolate, it softens with heat and is not suitable for use in warm climates. CB extenders or improvers, preferably from stearic acid-rich fats, are good candidates to increase the heat-resistance property of CB and chocolate. CBI is used as an improver to increase the hardness of chocolate.