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India is one of the largest producers of Peanuts in the world, producing around 7 million tons of unshelled Peanuts every year. Indian Peanuts are available in different varieties like Bolds and Javas. Indian Peanut kernels are known for its rich flavor, sweet taste and a longer shelf life. Peanuts in India are available throughout the year due to a 2-crop cycle harvested in March and October.

At Manorama, our awareness and concern for quality is very high, which is why multiple grading and sorting of the nuts has become a standard norm in the company. We have the capability to prepare and supply edible Peanuts conforming to the highest standards.

In the Peanut supply chain, the Manorama group is constantly trying to strengthen the existing sourcing points and market presence as demand for the product is increasing in several markets across the world. We offer the entire range of in-shell, blanched and kernel grades of the product to meet challenging standards of the confectionery and food ingredients industries.

Manorama currently has direct origination capabilities across the Peanut growing countries of China, Vietnam, India, East and West Africa, South Africa and Brazil. With marketing offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Moscow, Durban, Marseilles and Rotterdam, we can offer our services to a host of customers in the importing countries and destination markets as well.