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China & India stand as the largest producers of Rice in the world. It is the staple diet for millions of people in the 2 countries. Each year, close to 600 million tons of paddy [350 million tons of milled rice] is produced with over 90% of the production being concentrated in Asia, where both the climate and the relatively low costs of production are favorable. International Trade in rice is only 25 to 27 million metric tons, of which 85% is imported into African and Asian countries.

Manorama is a supplier of this staple in the global rice market. Most of the rice supplied by us is sourced from within India. From dispatch and shipping to the logistics, marketing and distribution, all aspects of trade in rice are undertaken by the company with the entire value chain actively participating in it, which gives us a competitive edge over other players in the market. With the help of a network partners who are involved in the export activity, Manorama has developed a deep insight about the market requirements and dynamics for rice, which helps us to establish strong and sustaining business relationship with our customers.

A. White Rice

White rice is husked rice from which all or part of the bran and germ has been removed by milling. White rice is also referred to as ‘polished rice’ and ‘milled rice’ as the husk and bran are completely removed from the kernel. India is one of the major producer and rice exporters in the world market. Processing rice involves cleaning, hulling, milling, grading & sorting.

Varieties of white rice supplied by Manorama

* Long grain White Rice (Sortex)

* Long grain Parboiled Rice (10-25% broken)

* Also available as per buyer's required specification.

B. Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice is produced by process which involves of cleaning rice, soaking it, pressure steaming it, drying the steamed grains, milling, grading and sorting. All this helps the grain to absorb most of the vital nutrients from the husk.

Indian parboiled rice is highly appreciated in the world market for its taste and versatility, which makes it suitable for any kind of cuisine. The main markets for Parboiled rice are Asia, Africa, Europe and Middle East countries. Manorama specializes in exporting high sortex quality, long grain parboiled rice at very competitive prices.


* Long grain Parboiled Rice - Sortex

* Long grain Parboiled Rice (10-25% broken)

* Also available as per buyer's required specification


* Material: New PP/Jute bags.

* Net Weight: 20/25/45/50 kg.

* Consumer or specific packing is also provided as per buyer's requirement.