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Soybean meal comprises of the remnants after the extraction of Soybean oil. It has high protein content and is easily digestible and that is why it serves as a very good fertilizer and an animal feed. It accounts for about 65% of the world’s total feed.

The leading Organic Soybean meal producing countries are US - in the 1st place, and China and Brazil in the 2nd & 3rd places respectively. The leading soy meal exporting countries are Argentina (20 million tons) and Brazil (15 million tons).

Specifications of Indian origin soyabean Meal:

  • Protein: 48% min, 47% to 46% and fraction thereof with allowance below 46% at buyer’s option
  • Sand and/or silica: 2.0 % max
  • Moisture: 12%max, above 12% at buyer’s option
  • Fibre: 6% max - urease activity 0.30 unit mg/nz/gm max at 30oc by EEC method
  • Fat: 1.5% max
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