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Manorama Industries Private Limited (MIPL)

  • The promoters of company have six-decades of experience and a core competence in minor oil seeds, Sal seeds, mango kernel, and major oil seeds and various other commodities. Our strengths, experience and expertise are in collection, purchase, storage, transportation, technical expertise and experience in processing, export and an international network of business partners. Manorama manufactures and exports Sal oil, Mango Fats, Kokum butter, Mowrah fat and several value-added tailor made products that form the ingredients of Cocoa Butter Equivalents.

Money Resources Pvt. Ltd.

  • The promoters of company have six-decades of experience and a core competence and have a strong network for sourcing natural products from different parts of India and the world. We are also engaged in international trade of Rice, Wheat, Sugar, raw cotton, cotton Linter, maize/corn, , Soy meal, cotton seed meal, rice bran meal, sesame, Sorghum Yellow & White (Jawar), safflower, Niger Seed, cassia tora and medicinal herbs etc.

Manorama Energy Pvt. Ltd.

  • We are focused on green energy initiatives like Jatropha farming and industrial production, solar power, wind power and other renewable energy projects

Other Group Companies

  • We are also engaged in various railway works and defence projects, state/central government tenders and construction projects. We are also engaged in real estate promotion and development. We also under take industrial processing of paddy into rice. We also undertake industrial processing of raw cotton into ginning, pressing and manufacturing cotton bales.
Recognized by government of india as a 'star export house' Manorama Industries Pvt Ltd.