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The Manorama Group traces its origins in mid-1940s, when its founder Jankilal Gangaram Agarwal (Saraf), used to extract butter and fats from butter seeds at home. Saraf and his family used manually operated machine, to manufacture butter and fats at home. In a couple of years, this was upgraded to a semi-automated piston expeller butter and fats mill, and after that, there has been no looking back. The company expanded into specialty fats, commodities, feeds, green energy, international trade, infrastructures and other activities.

Having started from such humble beginnings, the Manorama Group has become a legend today, with a global footprint, and a customer base that includes Fortune 500 Companies of the world. As early as the 1970s, Saraf's Manorama group had made its mark on the global food and cosmetics industries. The Netherlands Government published a special feature on the Indian entrepreneur in a leading Dutch journal in 1974.

Manorama reputed today is not just its wide range of high-quality specialty fats and butters but also its impeccable records of integrity, honesty and commitment. The company is recognized as a pioneer in the concept of 'sustainable sourcing and manufacturing'. Several decades before the phrase "Corporate Social Responsibility" was even coined, the company had already involved millions of tribal, forest dwellers, farmers and village communities in collecting and supplying raw material for its unique business - without even a single tree being uprooted or a single family displaced!!