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Manorama Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of agricultural products and their derivatives such as Sal oil, Sal Stearine, Sal Oleine, Mango Fats, Mango Stearine, Mango Oleine, Kokum butter, Mowrah fat, custom made products , CBE , CBS , CBA , etc.

The promoters have long combined their traditional base in Mango, Sal, and other exotic Forest Products, with cross-functional experience in collection, processing, export and distribution, to emerge as a global player in the agri products business.

Manorama is known for its extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of Vegetable oils and Specialty Fats and their products have a well-established customer base and proven performance over many years.

Manorama is also a strong advocate of sustainable development and has led several welfare initiatives for tribal and marginalized people in all those districts from where raw materials are obtained. In short, Manorama Industries is a company that is making a difference in every way.

Recognized by government of india as a 'star export house' Manorama Industries Pvt Ltd.