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Organic Safflower Oil

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Organic Safflower Oil

Organic Safflower oil is pressed from the seeds of the Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius).

The high content of linoleic acid in safflower oil makes it ideal for boosting the quality and appearance of your skin. The linoleic acid can combine with sebum to unclog the pores and reduce blackheads, as well as acne, which is a result of sebum build-up under the skin. Furthermore, linoleic acid stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells that help clear up scars and other blemishes from the surface of the skin, leaving you looking younger and more attractive..

Safflower oil is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The body needs these fats to function. Experts generally consider unsaturated fatty acids to be more healthful than saturated fats. Applying safflower oil topically to dry or inflamed skin may help soothe it and give the skin a soft and smooth appearance. Although most of the research on safflower oil for the skin is anecdotal, it is a common ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products. Safflower oil contains vitamin E, which may be responsible for some of its skin benefits. Vitamin E has been an important ingredient in dermatological products for decades. Some research suggests that vitamin E protects the skin from the effects of sunlight and from free radicals, which are harmful molecules that damage cells in the body and contribute to disease.

Benefits of Organic Safflower Oil :-

* Soothes dry skin

* Helps to keep hair and scalp healthy.

* Boosts quality and appearance of skin.

* Safflower oil also have anti-inflammatory properties.

* Lowers cholesterol, boosts heart health.

* Improves blood sugar levels.


Organic Safflower Oil (Cold Press)