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Manorama Group has a well-established and dedicated resource base with core strengths in Origination, Sales Distribution, Logistics and Risk Management. Manorama’s supply chain is a synergic configuration with IP handling and a Traceability System.

At Manorama, quality control and community welfare are an integral part of its supply and distribution chains. Right from the way raw material is sourced, to the way it is transported and subsequently processed at its plants, every step factors quality, and involvement of local communities. A traceability system also ensures that the raw materials are clearly traceable by origin and supplying community, so that they are properly compensated.

A. Sourcing and transportation of raw material

MANORAMA collaborates with hundreds of channel partners to ensure tribals and farmers across thousands of villages in India supply superior-quality raw material to the company. The Company also partners with State Governments for seed collection from Minor Forests in that state. Additionally, it works with rural youth in thousands of villages to ensure that the right expertise and knowledge reaches lakhs of farmers, through year-round farmer awareness and education programs. This helps improve the crop/farm produce which has a positive impact on the farmer’s life, as well as ensures Manorama can procure high-quality crop. Manorama’s path-breaking maize and cotton yield-enhancement-measures are quite famous. As can be seen below, every step in the process ensures adequate quality control.

  • Collection: Manorama distributes new gunny bags made of plastic to the tribals at all collection centers to prevent contamination of the crop from old bags.
  • Transport: Animal-driven carts, tractors, trucks etc can get contaminated. So Manorama ensures frequent and thorough cleaning of the carts, trucks under its vigilance.
  • Storage: Lack of cleaning at temporary storage spaces can also cause contamination. Manorama ensures tribals clean storage spaces. Awareness is driven directly or through government bodies.
  • Warehousing: Delayed auction and delayed purchase can at times create the need for warehouse storage. Manorama purchases seeds directly from farmers and municipal collectors before warehousing and unloading directly to the factory storage. Due to a higher capacity at the plant, Manorama has no requirement of much warehouse storage. If long-term storage is ever required, Manorama uses hot air circulation to prevent dampness and pests from spoiling the seeds. However, no pesticides are used.
  • Loading/unloading: Loading and unloading is done by experienced and trained staff of Manorama under strict supervision.
  • Processing: Manorama’s processing plant has dedicated equipment to process specific product lines. This way, there is no contamination from other seeds.

B. Processing of raw material for manufacture Processing steps

  • Seed cleaning: Vacuum evacuator is used to remove dust and other light fragments. This prevents manual contact and possibilities of contamination.
  • Super degumming: In the super-degumming process, the oil is in prolonged contact with citric and phosphoric acids. Pesticides if present in the material become unstable during the reaction and get broken into small parts after which it’s removed using Gums. The gums are also removed completely from which improves the bleachability of the oil.
  • Ultra refining: As explained above, oil reacts with caustic acids in the long channel and unstable pesticides are broken into small parts and removed using soap water. Excess caustic acids effectively remove the polar material, which also improves the color and cooling curve.
  • Filtration: To avoid contamination from cloth, we use PLF filter construction from SS316 material.
  • Handling: We strictly prohibit manual contact and possible contamination of the oil during its processing. All processes are systematically automated using relevant equipment.
  • Recuperation: In the recuperation stage, many plants use mineral oils and other edible oils. At Manorama, we use only Sal oleine in the recuperation system to avoid uncertainty of last minute contamination in the operations.
  • Cooling: In the cooling system, we use only jacket water cooling method.
  • Processing: All processing aids are all Halal, and Kosher certified. All products are certified ‘food grade’ by specific & certified chemical suppliers
  • Washing: We use pure distilled water to avoid any ambiguity of pesticide contamination from below-the-ground water or river water. This ensures all products are 100% pesticide free.
  • Heating: Our thermal heating media is Food grade VP-1 Certified by Solutia. In the system, there is a spiral heat exchange which reduces the possibility of contamination to zero.
  • Post-manufacturing storage: Manorama does not allow any other oil for storage to enter the dedicated storage tanks. All pipelines are directly connected to tanks from our processing plants. This prevents leakages and other contamination. Each new batch of product is stored after thorough cleaning and washing of the tanks under constant vigilance by Manorama’s technical team.
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