Sustainable Sourcing, Traceability & Fair Trade

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Manorama Group has a well-established and dedicated resource base with core strengths in Origination, Sales Distribution, Logistics and Risk Management. Manorama’s supply chain is a synergic configuration with IP handling and a Traceability System.

At Manorama, quality control and community welfare are an integral part of its supply and distribution chains. Right from the way raw material is sourced, to the way it is transported and subsequently processed at its plants, every step factors quality, and involvement of local communities. A traceability system also ensures that the raw materials are clearly traceable by origin and supplying community, so that they are properly compensated.

Sustainable Sourcing and transportation of raw material

MANORAMA collaborates with thousands of women self help group (SHGs) and millions of tribal/forest people across thousands of forest villages in India for the sustainable sourcing of superior-quality of raw material. Manorama has a CSR policy to help the poor tribal/village people (Especially tribal women) by purchasing the seed/kernel directly from them. We encourage and motivate these poor tribals to collect seeds for their lively hood.