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Mango Butter

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Mango Butter (Mango Kernel Fat) is obtained from the seed kernels of mango (Mangifera indica). Mango trees are abundantly distributed throughout India, with innumerable and regional varieties of the fruit. The fruit is consumed both as a delicacy and as food. The estimated production of mangoes in India is around 7 million tones. Mango contains an ovoid oblique solitary seed, also called stone. The latter consists of a hard shell with a kernel inside. The potential availability of mango kernels in the country is around one million tones which can yield about 70,000 tones of mango kernel fat. Mango fat contains 8-12% oil.

The contents of stone in mango fruit, kernel in stone and fat in kernel vary with the variety of fruits. On dry basis, stone comprises 4-14% of fruit, kernels: 61-83% of stone and fat: 7-11 % of kernels. The mango kernel meal can be used as cattle feed, manure, and for production of starch, with good export potential. Mango kernels contain 7-11% grayish-white colored fat which is suitable for edible purpose after refining. The fat is solid, closely resembling cocoa butter in physical and chemical characteristics and is therefore used as a substitute or extender. It has a good potential as edible oil. The raw fat is used in soap making. Refined fat is suitable as an edible fat, and in cosmetics formulations.

Chemical composition

The major fatty acids are oleic (33-53%) and stearic (24-49%). Refined Mango Butter is suitable as an edible fat, and as a Cocoa Butter extender substitute in suppository bases and in cosmetic formulations.

Its fatty acid composition varies considerably due to the wide variety of mangoes grown in India. Range of values recorded has been reported as C16 (16-18%), C18 (24-49%), C18:1 (33-53%), C18:2 (1-13%) and C20 (1-2.6%). Presence of linoleic acid (C18:3) to upto 1.2 % has been reported. Iodine value (IV) of the fat has a wide range of 32-60, but large quantities of mango fat with IV between 45 and 50 are now available. Acetone Fractionation has been tried out on different groups of mango fat and a suitable SOS fraction has been obtained for blending with palm mid-fractions. It is however found that, samples with low IV provide a good yield of SOS fraction. Samples having a high IV of 55-60 give lower yields.

Mango Stearine

Mango Stearine is produced by solvent fractionation or press fractionation of Mango Butter. It is mainly used as an alternative fat in Cocoa Butter Equivalents and Replacers.

Mango Olein

Mango Olein is produced by solvent fractionation or press fractionation of Mango Butter. It is mainly used by cosmetics industries.

Product Name : Mango Butter | Mango Oil | Mango Fat | Mango Kernel Butter

Botanical Name : Mangifera Indica


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