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Cocoa Butter Equivalent

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Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE)

Cocoa Butter (CB) is an important constituent of chocolate formulation. It enjoys a very high status in the chocolate industry due to its property of remaining hard, moldable and brittle at room temperature and completely melting at the mouth temperature.

Cocoa Butter (CB) has its own disadvantages such as:

* Low milk-fat tolerance.

* Lack of stability at elevated temperatures.

* Tendency to bloom.

Efforts were then made to find certain fats produced from tree borne butter seeds that have unique triglyceride combination consisting of the right proportion of POP, POSt and StOSt types of glycerides. These fats matched the properties of cocoa butter and could be blended with cocoa butter proportionately.

So, basically Cocoa Butter Equivalents (CBEs) are fats, which behave like cocoa butter in all respects and are able to mix with cocoa butter in any proportion without altering the melting rheological and processing characteristics of cocoa butter in all types of formulation. CBEs are non-mono-unsaturated triglycerides like cocoa butter.

Palm Oil is fractionated to produce PMF (Palm Mid Fraction) rich in POP. SOS rich exotic fats such as Sal, Mango, Shea, Kokum etc. are fractionated to get triglyceride rich in POS and SOS. A careful preparation and blending of these fats result in tailor-made fat that is equivalent to cocoa butter and known as CBE (Cocoa Butter Equivalent).

The principle advantages of incorporating CBEs are:

* Reduction in the production cost of chocolate, as CBE’s are cheaper than cocoa butter.

* Stabilizing influence on fluctuating price of cocoa butter.

* Improves tolerance of milk-fat.

* improves stability of chocolates in tropical climate.

* Last nut not the least, bloom control.

Non-Palm CBE:

Manorama is manufacturing non-Palm CBE by using Mahua, Phulwara, Sal, Mango, Kokum, Dhupa and Shea Fat. The product is free from Palm products like PMF. Indian exotic PoP & SoS rich Fats are having same properties in texture and functionality of cocoa butter.

Demand of Cocoa Butter Equivalents:

Other than chocolates, these fats are also predominantly used for the production of compound coatings used for enrobing bakery and confectionary products where the coating forms 10% to 30% of the total weight of the enrobed products.

Manorama Industries offers CBEs produced from tree-borne butter seeds such as Sal, Mango, Kokum, Mahua (mowrah), Dhupa and Shea.