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Cocoa Butter Substitute

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Cocoa Butter Substitute are produced by static dry fractionation and total hydrogenation of good-quality Palm Kernel Stearine. This is a non-tempering fat with a very sharp melt profile, high heat cycling stability and melts at around 34˚C with low viscosity in the molten state. Due to the high solid fat content, it has excellent snap, brittleness, good flavor release and gives a nice cooling sensation in the mouth, similar to cocoa butter.

The superior melt profile and flavor release of compounds made out of this product is comparable with that of chocolate. Its excellent molding characteristics and long shelf life have resulted in the extensive use for molding and enrobing. That is, it’s a choice ingredient for manufacturing molded chocolates which do require tempering. Also, due to its better heat stability compared to pure chocolate, it’s preferred in the tropical and sub tropical countries.