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Kokum Butter

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Kokum Butter (Kokum fat) is extracted from Kokum nuts (Garcinia indica). The yield of butter (fat) is about 32-35%. Kokum Fat increases the hardness of chocolates and is used in various confectionaries. It is a very important component for filling and used as an alternative fat in cosmetics. It is also used in the manufacture of soap, cosmetics, candles and ointments. When mixed with Mowrah stearine and PMF, this fat can be used to produce Cocoa Butter Equivalents (CBE).

Chemical Composition

Kokum butter or fat is a very clean fat with fatty acid composition showing C16 (3.4%), C18 (67.4%), C18:1 (28.1%), C18:2 (0.6%) and C20 (0.3%). It has very high symmetrical SOS content (83.4%). This has been therefore useful for direct (without any fractionation) blending with palm mid-Fraction for preparing cocoa butter equivalent. The fat used mainly for edible purposes is obtained by primitive methods and is off-white in color. Free acid levels in the fat are low indicating absence of any powerful lipolytic activity. The fat can be easily refined in the usual way, and bleached to a near white color in the conventional manner.

Product Name :

Kokum Butter | Kokum Seed Butter | Kokum Fat

Botanical Name :

Garcinia Indica