Specialty Fats


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Palm Oil

The oil palm produces two types of oils; crude palm oil (CPO) from the fibrous mesocarp and crude palm kernel oil (CPKO) from the kernels. Although both oils originate from the same fruit, palm oil is chemically and nutritionally different from palm kernel oil (PKO). It is one of the only two mesocarp oils available commercially, the other being olive oil. Refined, Bleached and Deodorized (RBD) Palm Oil is popular as cooking oil.

Palm Mid Fraction (PMF) or Palm Stearine

Palm stearine is the more solid fraction obtained by fractionation of palm oil after crystallization at controlled temperatures. It is thus a co-product of palm olein. It is always traded at lower prices than palm oil and palm olein, making it a cost effective ingredient for several applications. PMF is the major ingredient for CBE and CBS manufacturing. The physical characteristics of palm stearine differ significantly from those of palm oil and it is available in a wider range of melting points and iodine values. Palm stearine is a very useful source of fully natural hard fat component for products such as shortening, and pastry and bakery margarines.

Palm Kernel Stearine

Palm kernel stearine is the more solid fraction of palm kernel oil obtained from fractionation. Palm kernel oil, palm kernel olein and palm kernel stearine find applications in margarine, confectioneries, coffee whitener, filled milk, biscuit cream and coating fats - with little or no further processing required. There is a growing trend to use palm kernel oil products as an ingredient in the production of non-hydrogenated trans-fat free margarine.