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Simaruba Butter

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Simaruba is a flowering tree that is native to parts of Central and South America. The tree grows to around 6 mtrs in height. It has long crooked branches and leaves and its roots creep horizontally on the ground. In the recent past, it’s been cultivated in parts of India.

Simaruba butter or fat, extracted from the seeds is used to manufacture Vanaspati, vegetable butter and/or margarine. The RBD butter is further fractionated to separate the liquid and solid fractions. The liquid fraction with very high oleic acid content (about 85%) is comparable to olive oil in its chemical composition. This butter is free from bad cholesterol (free fatty acids 0.06%). The solid fraction rich in Stearic and Palmitic acids can be used as cocoa butter substitutes (CBS) or coco-butter extenders in confectionery and bakery industries. The palmito-stearin fraction is also useful in the preparation of ice cream and mayonnaise.

Simarouba glauca is a rich source of fat, having a melting point of about 27 degrees C and consisting of palmitic (10 - 12.5%), stearic (25- 27%) and oleic (55- 59%) as major fatty acids. It consists of about 30% of symmetrical monounsaturated-type triglycerols and appears to be a good source of fat for preparation of cocoa butter (CB) extenders. The stearine fraction (35% yield) obtained by solvent fractionation showed an increased super cooling property and a sudden rise in temperature during solidification compared to native fat as shown by cooling curves. The fraction had a narrow melting range and consists of a high content (66%) of symmetrical monounsaturated-type triacylglycerols like CB.

The stearine obtained after removal of about 60-65% olein was found to be suitable as a CB extender to replace upto 25% of CB in chocolate products.

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