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Pioneer of Starting of Sal Revolution- Sal Seed is forest products – purely non GMO, non pesticide, Purely Natural. There has an economic value to start the entire revolution from Seed starting from the entire seed. Process encourages the tribal’s picking.

Philosophy- Help tribal’s economic or growth along with the tribal’s people. The idea is to sustained growth and same item ensure that the nature is bound to us. The socio economical, growth of the tribals. Event from the village to village show case of the marketing chain and same they produced creating a economic growth of them. This feast of the president of India is give present to us. The cycle and chain started in 1974 and still continue to us and growth from the small to the big 150 cores company.

The entire philosophy is based on sustained growth where by the forest produced by environmental friendly method and same time it contains Environmental benefit, People revolution.

Group is very big group and its turnover is above 150cr only in this field. Various awards is nominated towards this company. it has unlimited customer and has unlimited supports from the tribal’s.

  • Sal Chain- made from the Sal nuts of the (Indian Minor Forest Shorea Robusta ) Sal tree, growing naturally in India without chemicals or spays of any kind of Chemical fertiliser and it is auto germinated Plant.
  • Purely naturally hand pick up/harvested and gathered by the woman/poor Tribal’s. No addition of chemical Additives used during the collection.
  • Kernel prepared by the a traditional Burning and Rubbing process without the use of any added chemicals or preservatives.
  • Genetically any organic seeds cannot contain any Chemical Residue as per the Research Study. As Sal is purely organic and there has no any addition of chemical in the forest region, hence genetically Sal cannot be the Chemical Residue contaminated.
  • We have implemented the IP handling system to establish the contaminated area and by help of this we have under conclusion that the Decortications process is purely faulty and main caused for the presence of chemical residue.
  • Sal seed from any of the forest Deep/High /low / and intense village area can not contain the Chemical residue as the Seed is purely Organic. The process of decortications involved is the main source of contamination.
Recognized by government of india as a 'star export house' Manorama Industries Pvt Ltd.