MANOIN INR BSE - 633.3, NSE - 634.9

Forging stronger
bonds with our roots

Collaboration, innovation, humility and responsibility are the four pillars that support us in our endeavour to create enduring value for the ecosystem we function in. This encompasses not just our partners and stakeholders, but also extends to the society we're all a part of and the environment that nurtures us.

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Our passion to co-create value,
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Sustainability being the driving force behind our passion to innovate, we develop a diverse range of specialised Cocoa Butter Equivalents (CBE) called Milcoa. Our unique lineup includes Shea Butter, along with other tree-borne butter seeds like Mango, Sal, Kokum, Mahua, and Dhupa

oils and fat

Creating value together

We understand how crucial the right partner can be to enduring growth. Hence, we start by understanding your business and co-developing thoughtful solutions with you to create a positive impact across the value chain – from inception to fulfilment – for your partners, stakeholders and end customers.

Sustainability at the core

Sustainability is not just our way of doing things; it forms the foundation of everything we do - right from the sourcing of raw materials from forest dwellers to creating the final product that benefits the entire ecosystem. Consistent, hand-in-hand growth with our partners, stakeholders, the society and the environment continues to be the key to our development and success.

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Consistency and growth are two innate aspects we swear by, made possible with our incessant thirst for co-creating value through relentless, ground-breaking innovation.

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