MANOIN INR BSE - 686, NSE - 678

Harnessing the goodness of

Having pioneered the manufacturing of tree-borne oils and fats in India, Manorama Industries Limited, has several firsts to its credit. Established in 2005 and backed by a strong pedigree of over 4 decades in the industry, we are the first such Forest Products Company to have established a vast geographic sourcing network for raw materials, covering the length and breadth of India, even the most lesser-known parts. This keeps us immune to supply-demand disparities and seasonal shortfalls. Plus, we’re also the first such Indian company to have built and implemented relevant quality processes and standards by leveraging the latest technology for R&D and product development.

Our founding principles


Social, moral and ethical integrity is something we stand by - right from ensuring economic growth for forest-dwellers and tribals from whom we source our raw materials to never compromising on the quality of our products and services. It is our inherent nature to create value for everyone involved.


Sustainability is one of the key differentiating factors at Manorama. If it’s not sustainable, we don’t do it. Whether it be about devising eco-friendly ways to manufacture our products or giving back to nature and society through our forestation drives.

Thoughtful and healthy

We manufacture plant-based specialty oils and fats, which are healthier, more sustainable and last longer than traditional oils and fats. Our commitment to contributing towards a healthier and sustainable way of life shapes our quality processes and standards.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our key driver. We leave no stone unturned in delivering products and services that provide immense value to our clients and customers. We’re quick, responsive, and extremely empathetic.

Improving lives, one step at a time

We owe our entire existence and success to the dedication and hardwork of our extended family. For decades, we have maintained enduring and symbiotic relationships with tribals, forest dwellers, marginalized communities and farmers who help us greatly in sourcing the raw materials required for our business. In turn, we do everything we can to help them lead a quality life through several welfare initiatives and social drives.

Moreover, following sustainable and eco-friendly practices is one of our founding principles. We, therefore, ensure zero harm to the environment across all aspects of our functioning - right from procuring raw materials to processing, production and packaging. No pesticides are used on the crops and no chemical fertilizers are used for the soil. The seeds and fruits are naturally handpicked from the trees or collected from the forest floor. No chemicals are added during the collection, and tasks like kernel preparation are done by traditional burning and rubbing processes.