MANOIN INR BSE - 686, NSE - 678

Cherished Milestones

Guided by a strong pedigree of pioneering the extraction of butter and butter-equivalents from indigenous plants, we have come a long way to becoming a company renowned for sustainable co-development, across the food and personal care industries. Here’s a snapshot of our journey so far.

2005 icon


Manorama Industries Limited was established, with the aim to become a one-stop shop for tree-based specialty oils and fats.

2015-16 icon


We saw two milestones: Secured the “Highest Processors & Exporters of Sal seed and Mango Kernel” award, followed by the denationalization of Sal seed collection in Madhya Pradesh.

2017 icon


Signed up a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chhattisgarh government and were awarded for CSR and Fair Trade at Glob Fats/Butter India 2017.

2018 icon


Signed major contracts with the world’s largest chocolate and cosmetic companies.

2019-20 icon


Received the GoI Department of Scientific & Industrial Research certificate. Also commenced a new plant in Birkoni, Chhattisgarh.