MANOIN INR BSE - 565, NSE - 571.25

A relentless quest for quality

At Manorama, superior quality is a byproduct of continual improvement, made possible by our passion for breaking boundaries through incremental measures, directed towards holistic development - of our customers, stakeholders, society and the environment.


A belief and characteristic fundamental to our existence, collaboration drives our engagement across the board to bring out the best in everyone involved and to achieve higher standards throughout the value chain.


Customization forms the spine of our operations. Our endeavor for excellence drives our passion to customize smart and thoughtful solutions in the world of specialty fats and oils, to meet and exceed expectations.


We continuously strive to improve our systems and processes, imbibe new efficiencies, streamline operations, and boost productivity across all silos and verticals of our business.


We acknowledge and honor our immense responsibility to the ecosystem we function in. Therefore, we are driven by an insatiable hunger to continuously transform and evolve towards long-term value.

Aiming for brilliance

As a global leader in making indigenous tree-borne butters and oils, our vision is to nurture a thriving ecosystem of smallholders, suppliers, stakeholders, and customers, in order to create a positive impact across the value chain.

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Maintain and pursue higher standards of leadership
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Become a one-stop shop for Tree-Borne Oils across the spectrum
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Continuously create new opportunities for holistic growth
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Contribute to the growth of our investors, employees, partners and communities
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Create value for people, communities, and the planet as a whole