The Manorama Business Model

As pioneers of manufacturing specialty oils and fats for a variety of requirements, spanning verticals and industries, Manorama Industries Limited functions on a comprehensive and scalable business model, fine-tuned with decades of experience. The objective is to resonate with thorough excellence across generations.

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Customised Solutions

Our decades of experience in partnering with our customers to manufacture tree-borne oils and fats fuel our expertise across all aspects of product development - from ideation to launch.


We are pioneers in developing healthier, more durable and sustainable forest-based solutions that find applications across diverse verticals and industries.

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Sustainability is at the core of everything we do - be it developing thoughtful solutions for our customers or creating lasting value for our stakeholders, society and nature.


Driven by an insatiable hunger to continuously transform and evolve towards long-term value, we pride ourselves for being 100% transparent in our business transactions.

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