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Co-creating value in 5 steps

At Manorama, we're passionate about meeting challenges head-on and developing comprehensive solutions from the ground up. Which is why, we don't just provide assistance; we partner with you right from the initial stages of product development to help you get the most out of your arsenal and create enduring value for all the stakeholders involved.


Helping you not just meet and exceed market expectations but also create a demand for your products through groundbreaking ideas. Leverage our extensive knowledge of fats and oils, and our innate ability to understand emerging market trends to delight your customers with innovative products every time.


Truly unique products need the right set of ingredients and conditions to pique the market's fancy. At Manorama, we bring expertise and flexibility to the table to help you turn innovative ideas into innovative products. Our multidisciplinary knowledge of fats and oils across myriad industries and applications helps us deliver improved functionality, top-notch quality, lower production costs and healthier end products.

Quality Assurance

We know how crucial quality testing is to product development and, therefore, have built hands-on capabilities at our end to check, proof and test products for quality before launch. Our quality and food safety measures ensure compliance across the value chain - from the raw materials used to the final product launch.


We also help you transition from pilot stage to full-scale production, guiding you through every wrinkle in the process and helping you reduce the time to market and shorten the path to market success.


Our vast experience, strong market presence and in-depth industry know-how makes us your ideal partner for product launch. We know the pulse of the market and can devise scalable strategies for a full-fledged launch across industries and geographies.

Let's create value together