MANOIN INR BSE - 633.3, NSE - 638.25

Preserving value,
enabling communities

Popularly known as the King of Fruits in India, Mango is a seasonal fruit that is abundantly available across India during the summer months of May-July. Apart from being a delicious fruit, its kernel finds applications across various industries, not excluding chocolate and cosmetics.

At Manorama, we leverage our intricate distribution network to sustainably source Mango seeds , building strong relationships with the local tribal communities in the process. Plus, we are also exploring avenues to source Mango kernels from pulp industries where Mango seeds are a waste product. Our commitment to upholding high standards in responsible Mango seed sourcing drives us to devise 100% traceable systems to ensure fair compensation for all our suppliers.

Committed to inclusive growth

We firmly believe that inclusive growth is the only way forward in our mission to achieve complete sustainability in our operations. To that extent, we work with several local women cooperatives and self-help groups (SHGs) to sustainably source superior quality Mango seed from thousands of villages across our intricate network. One of our first and most important commitments is to the upliftment of local people. Therefore, along with aiding their livelihoods by purchasing the kernel directly from them, we also train local residents and cooperatives in sustainable harvesting methods that help improve yield and protect Mango trees.

Forest & Biodiversity Conservation

Of Peatlands