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At Manorama, sustainability is at the centre of all our activities- be it developing thoughtful solutions for our customers or creating lasting value for our stakeholders, society and nature. The positive growth of all the stakeholders involved matters the most to us, which is what makes quality control and community welfare so important. Right from the sourcing and transportation of our raw materials to their processing and final production, our commitment to sustainable environment is the thread that weaves it all together.

Framework of Sustainability

Safety, Health, Environment and Energy Conservation are the four pillars that fortify the Manorama Framework of Sustainability, adroitly supported by Social Accountability and Quality Control as the foundation and roof, respectively.


President's Statement

"Manorama Industries Limited is named after the family matriarch Manoramadevi. She was a pillar of support and her teachings continues to inspire and motivate the company to take the business to greater heights..."

Ashish Saraf - President

Quality & Food Safety Certificates

Stringent quality control is the key to lasting value creation, made possible through empathetic and sustainable practices. Our products and services follow recognized standards and regulations to ensure safe, healthy and sustainable solutions.

Responsible Sourcing

response sourcing

Sustainability drives everything we do, including how we source our raw materials. We constantly keep nurturing our supply chain networks through responsible, traceable and, ultimately, sustainable methods of sourcing and distribution.