MANOIN INR BSE - 686, NSE - 678

Moulding efficiencies to
integrate sustainability

Our commitment to improving systems and processes through sustainable practices has led us to imbibe responsible sourcing policies across our supply chains. A deep understanding of the unique nature and challenges of procuring indigenous seeds, developed over decades, arms us with a distinct ability to devise sustainable solutions. Through fulfilling collaborations with our customers, partners and stakeholders, we have devised scalable and symbiotic sourcing methods that benefit the entire supply chain ecosystem.

response sourcing

Driving quality
through inclusion

Supporting smallholders in raw material procurement is one of our key objectives when it comes to imbibing sustainability in our day-to-day functioning. We are committed to ensuring that our high standards of sustainable sourcing do not, in any manner, lead to the exclusion of smallholders. Consequently, we educate and encourage them to follow sustainable methods that result in improved yields.