MANOIN INR BSE - 634.55, NSE - 636

A rich source of Vitamin-E and fatty acids, rice bran oil is an excellent moisturiser for the skin. It deeply nourishes and smoothens the skin to boost regeneration. Rice-bran oil is a wholesome ingredient for beauty products due to its highly organic abilities.

Holistic nourishing benefits
of a natural ingredient

Rice-bran oil deeply penetrates the skin and moisturizes it from within. This helps cleanse the skin while simultaneously also making it softer, smoother and fresh-looking. Due to its even and easily applicable nature, rice-bran oil is a great addition to beauty and haircare products.

rice bran oil

Key Benefits

  • Deeply penetrates into skin’s layers
  • Nourishes the skin to make it soft and velvety
  • Improves elasticity for a youthful appearance
  • Hydrates skin completely
  • Boosts skin’s natural regeneration process
  • Helps even out the skin tone

Versatility at its best!

Salt and sugar scrubs

Shampoo and

Bath oils and
massage oils



Sprays and mists

Bath salts

Lip balms

Solid perfumes

Fluid perfumes

Bar soaps

Body balm, lotion bars and natural deodorants

Naturally produced.
Efficiently processed.

We have 40+ years of experience in creating an established system that goes from procurement to processing of the natural ingredients used in making our rice-bran oil.

Our rice-bran oil is extracted from the hard outer brown layer of rice after chafing it. It is made from bran that is a natural antioxidant which is also rich in Vitamin-E. We source the best quality of rice husk for this organic product. Rice-bran oil is not only beneficial for skincare products but it is also an important ingredient for hair care supplements too.

Sustainable Sourcing

From a larger perspective, the relationship between Manorama and local women cooperatives farmers extends much beyond a vendor supplier transactional relationship. This symbiotic relationship in its way demonstrates how it supports sustainability on multiple levels. And this relationship promoting sustainability was from day one since inception at Manorama and many years before 'sustainability' become a buzz word and regulations were formed around it for enforcement.

Robust traceability system

We take responsibility towards all our stakeholders very seriously, including providing fair compensation to our sustainable sourcing partners. Therefore, we have an end-to-end traceability system in place that allows us to accurately identify the source of our raw materials.

In this manner, Manorama provides you with 100% natural and sustainable rice-bran oil for your beauty products.


200 KG Drum, IBC, ISO tank


Temperatures below 25 deg C, away from light and humidity

Shelf life

Up to 2 years

100% safe

Not considered hazardous

Product Name : Rice Bran Oil | CAS : 68553-81-1 | INCI : Oryza Sativa Bran Oil | EINECS/ELINCS : 271-397-8