MANOIN INR BSE - 686, NSE - 678

Investor Information

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Share Code

Company Name: Manorama Industries Limited

The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE):

Scrip Code: 541974

The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE):

Scrip code: MANORAMA

Details of Officers for Investors Grievances.

Details of Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Name : Mr. Deepak Sharma


T: +91 771 2282457 / +91 9329932082

Details of Chief Financial Officer

Name : Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain


T: +91 771 2283071 / +91 9406038741

Registrar & Share Transfer Agents

For any assistance/information on Share related matters, including For Dematerialization/ Rematerialization, Transfer, Transmission of Shares, Sub-division or Consolidation of Shares, Issue of Duplicate Share Certificates, Dividend, etc., or for redressal of any grievance, please get in touch with

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Tel: +91 22 49186000